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27.32 . She said : O chieftains! Pronounce for me in my case . I decide no case till ye are present with me .

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Raleigh Prayer Times

Our Friday Prayers ( Jumah Prayers) always start at 12:30 PM insh Allah.
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North Carolina Muslims Yellow Pages

No. Organization/Business City Country URL
1 IIPH Islamic Bookstore
(919- 832-3355)
Raleigh Visit IIPH Islamic Bookstore web site
2 Al-Iman School
((919) 821-2988)
Raleigh Visit Al-Iman School web site
3 Petra Mediterranean Grill
Raleigh Visit Petra Mediterranean Grill web site
4 Mariam Clinic
Raleigh Visit Mariam Clinic web site
5 King Khalid Masjid
Raleigh Visit King Khalid Masjid web site
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I am near to ANSWE ALL CALLS Score: Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More... 

Allah says: “And when My servants ask you (O Muhammad) about Me, then surely I am near. I answer the prayers of the suppliants when they beseech Me. So let them hear My call and let them trust in Me, in order that they may be led aright.” [Sūrah al-Baqarah: 186]

Allah brings up this verse right in the middle of a long discussion about fasting. By bringing up supplications while speaking about the fast, He eloquently brings these two acts of worship together.

In this verse, Allah moves from addressing the believers in general about fasting to addressing the Prophet in particular, telling him to remind them of the devotion and sincerity they are supposed to cultivate through fasting, particularly that they should turn to Allah alone with their prayers and supplications.

Indeed , Allah is still addressing the believers in general. He does not say “Tell the believers I am near.” He replies to the question directly, saying “surely I am near.” Read More...

Mosque Black Enough? Score: Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More... 

Is Black Mosque Not Black Enough?

Since I have been living in the United States, I have welcomed the celebrations and observance of Black History Month with mixed feelings. I believe, in principal, that dedicating a month in remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora in the West is a good thing. This month acknowledges the struggles with the troubling legacy of slavery, intentionally trying to come to terms with the shameful chapters of our own history vis-a-vis black Americans.

This month can potentially help us collectively hold honest and difficult conversations about our past as a nation, and it could potentially help us relearn the lessons of the past as we move forward. It can help -- but only if these Black History Month celebrations and observances are done in a meaningful way, free from empty ceremonies and cheap lip services to the deeply painful history of black people in this part of the world. Read More...

Is Praying in Arabic Difficult For You?  Score: Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More... 
discovering Islam

For a new convert to Islam, praying in Arabic may seem a bit complicated at first.

Praying is a meeting between you and God, and if you were a Christian or a Jew before, you certainly got used to performing it in your own language.

God knows all what is in everyone’s heart. He recognizes every prayer and supplication; yet, as the Quran was revealed in Arabic, we should respect it as it is.

As a new Muslim now, the first thing might come to your mind is how to communicate with God in a language you don't speak, right?

How to have devotion (khushu') during prayer and have a complete attention to God while reciting in a language unknown to you?

Well, in Islam the fact that all Muslims pray in the same way saying the same words gives its real beauty; the unity of Islam. Have you seen millions of pilgrims praying at the ka'bah?


The Jurist of His Age  Score: Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More... 
Companions & Scholars
Abū Hanīfah was a leading authority in Islamic Law and an expert in the use of analogical reasoning (qiyās) to resolve legal questions. He could speak about legal reasoning with razor-sharp precision, and he has enjoyed the general acclaim of the scholarly community for his acumen and erudition.

Al-Shāfi`ī said: “All people are indebted to Abū Hanīfah for their legal knowledge.”

Al-Dhahabī said: “His authority in Islamic Law and the precision of his legal knowledge are indisputable and without doubt.”

A number of leading jurists have attested: “I know of no jurist more knowledgeable than Abū Hanīfah.” Al-Shāfi`ī and Ibn al-Mubārak were among those who made this statement. Read More...

 Score: Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More... 

Abū Sa`īd al-Khudrī relates that the Prophet (peace be upon him) asked his Companions: “Would any of you be unable to recite a third of the Qur’an in the course of a single night?”

They were troubled by this question and asked: “Who would be able to do that, O Messenger of Allah?”

He said: “(The chapter of) ‘Allah is the One… the Needless…’ is a third of the Qur’ān.”
[Sahīh al-Bukhārī (5015)]

This hadīth indicates the virtue of reading the chapter of the Qur’ān entitled Sūrah al-Ikhlās.

Some people of knowledge have explained that it is third of the Qur’ān in consideration of what it conveys of the total meaning of the Qur’ān. We need to consider that the Qur’ān comprises legal rulings, narrations, and discussions of the principle of monotheism. This verse comprises monotheism, which is the best and noblest of all knowledge. It is a third of Qur’ān on this basis. Read More...

 Score: Comment Printer Friendly Send to a Friend Save as PDF Read More... 
islam and muslims

We have all come across ants at least a couple of times in our lifetime; some tiny ones might have walked over us, while we must have stepped on them many times.

There is a reason why Allah mentions the story of the Ant in the Quran:

And gathered for Sulaiman were his soldiers of the jinn and men and birds, and they were [marching] in rows. Until, when they came upon the valley of the ants, an ant said, "O ants, enter your dwellings that you not be crushed by Solomon and his soldiers while they perceive not." [Surah Naml, 17-18]

Just this one ayah teaches us numerous lessons (derived by scholars) to implement in our lives:

1. The care and concern that one Queen ant has for all the other ants is amazing. She (the ant) did not run away herself and leave the rest to do what they wanted instead she warned all the ants.


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